Rantizo Secures Over $6M in Series A Funding Expansion


Rantizo, the leading operator network for spray drone services, has announced an expansion of its oversubscribed Series A funding round. This round, led by Leaps by Bayer and featuring participation from Fulcrum Global Capital and Innova Memphis, will empower the company’s new executive team to implement an innovative growth strategy.

Rantizo’s vision revolves around constructing a service network that integrates autonomy into agriculture, starting with spray drone services.

The funding infusion will support the nationwide expansion of Rantizo’s operator network, the deployment of its work management software, and the continuation of its rapid growth in acres treated. CEO Mariah Scott expressed excitement about the company’s trajectory, emphasizing their commitment to providing timely, local, and precision application services for crops across various states.

Rantizo’s operators currently collaborate with more than 20% of the Top 50 ag retailers, delivering essential services to crops ranging from rice in Arkansas to corn in Iowa, hops in Oregon, and potatoes in Idaho. The company’s spray drones enable ag retailers to enhance their services to growers effectively.

Workforce availability and the adoption of new technology are significant challenges for up to 60% of ag retailers. Rantizo addresses these challenges by seamlessly integrating drone services into existing workflows, providing a solution for both labor shortages and technology adoption.

CEO Mariah Scott, who joined Rantizo in April, has been instrumental in the company’s strategic pivot. Under her leadership, Rantizo tripled its treated acres for Simplot, a testament to the effectiveness of the new strategy. Scott bolstered the executive team, bringing in leaders with extensive experience in software, service operations, agricultural sales and marketing, aviation, drones, and finance.

“We are excited about the new leadership team at Rantizo. They bring the deep and diverse experience across drones and agriculture required to effectively deploy the service and deliver on the strategy,” said PJ Amini, Sr. Director, Leaps by Bayer.


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