Qunnect Raises $8M in Series A Funding, Led by Airbus Ventures


Qunnect, the leader in quantum internet technologies, today announced a Series A funding round of more than $8 million led by Airbus Ventures, with participation from Quantonation, SandboxAQ, NY Ventures, Impact Science Ventures, and Motus Ventures. Qunnect is creating quantum-secure networking technology for scalable deployment on current telecom fiber infrastructure, led by CEO Dr. Noel Goddard and founders Dr. Mehdi Namazi and Mael Flament.

These additional funding will be utilized to expand their product line, scale manufacturing, and establish a multi-node R&D quantum network testbed to show entanglement distribution algorithms. This network, which will be linked to existing fiber optic cable in New York City, will be the first of its sort in the United States.

Qunnect’s solutions, which include an entangled photon source with unequalled compatibility to atomic-based devices and a high fidelity quantum memory, are critical enablers for quantum sensing and computing applications.

The ultimate value of Qunnect will lie in the integration of these technologies into a comprehensive suite to implement long-distance quantum communication protocols.

The bulk of quantum networking systems now being investigated in the scientific community necessitate extreme cooling and/or high vacuum support infrastructure. Qunnect’s first-in-class solutions, on the other hand, support real-world deployment and scalability, and are designed to operate at ambient temperature rather than in delicate, climate-controlled laboratory conditions.

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