Quilt Raises $33M Series A to Revolutionize Heat Pump Market


Quilt, a California-based HVAC and refrigeration equipment manufacturing company raised $33M in Series A funding to transform the heat pump market.

Thr funding round was led by Energy Impact Partners and Galvanize Climate Solutions. Additional investors include Garage Capital, Gradient Ventures, Incite Ventures, MCJ Collective, Lowercarbon Capital, and “Property Brother” Drew Scott. This funding will enable Quilt to bolster its marketing efforts, expand installer capacity, and roll out its innovative heat pumps in select regions.

The Series A funding marks a significant milestone for Quilt as it transitions from a research and development-focused organization to a fully-fledged company poised to revolutionize the heating and cooling industry. With its commitment to innovation and customer-centric design, Quilt aims to drive widespread adoption of heat pump technology, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Paul Lambert, co-founder and CEO of Quilt, recognizes these obstacles and aims to address them with the company’s innovative heat pump solution. Lambert emphasizes the importance of providing consumers with an upgrade experience, ensuring that the transition to heat pumps is seamless and appealing.

Quilt’s upcoming heat pump boasts a sleek design and versatile installation options, aiming to overcome aesthetic concerns associated with traditional heat pump setups. With a focus on centralized controls, Quilt offers a user-friendly experience, allowing homeowners to adjust settings for the entire house or individual rooms with ease. The company’s proprietary technology integrates occupancy sensors to optimize energy usage by identifying room occupancy accurately.

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