Protecto Raises $4M Seed Funding Round


Protecto, a data privacy solution focused on enabling safe AI, has successfully closed a $4 million seed funding round, bringing its total funding to $5 million. The funding was led by Together Fund and saw participation from Better Capital, FortyTwo VC, Arali Ventures, and Speciale Invest. Protecto plans to utilize the investment to enhance its technical capabilities by hiring top engineering talent and expanding its go-to-market strategies.

The growing volume of data being analyzed, including unstructured sources like chat history and sales call transcripts, poses significant risks due to the potential exposure of personal and sensitive information. Protecto aims to address these challenges by ensuring data privacy, thereby eliminating barriers that may hinder AI adoption in enterprises.

The fear of security and privacy incidents has slowed down AI adoption, particularly in cases where sensitive data is involved. Protecto’s mission is to remove these barriers, allowing companies to leverage AI power while ensuring data privacy and security. The company’s APIs facilitate organizations in protecting data and ensuring compliance throughout the AI lifecycle, including training, RAG/tuning, and prompts. Protecto masks sensitive personal data while retaining the original data format and meaning, enabling AI models to comprehend context and generate accurate results.

The increasing adoption of generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, has led to a demand for robust data privacy and security solutions. Protecto’s innovative approach to addressing AI security and trust issues has positioned it as a key player in the evolving landscape of data privacy and AI technology. The funding round reflects investors’ confidence in Protecto’s vision and capabilities in safeguarding data while enabling the potential of AI to drive global progress.

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