Prime Movers Lab Raises $245 Million Early-Stage Fund to Advance Breakthrough Science Startups


Prime Movers Lab, a venture capital firm with a focus on investing in breakthrough scientific startups, has successfully raised $245 million for its third early-stage fund, bringing its total assets under management to over $1.2 billion. The firm’s new investment vehicle will continue to invest in companies working on innovative solutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges across various sectors, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, human augmentation, and agriculture.

The firm’s previous early-stage funds have already invested in several successful companies, such as Tarana Wireless, Boom Supersonic, Axiom Space, and E-Space. With the new fund, Prime Movers Lab aims to partner with early-stage founders who are developing essential solutions for critical global issues, such as the aging population and the demand for sustainable energy.

Prime Movers Lab is known for its access to high-quality deal flow and its collaborations with serial entrepreneurs, positioning it as a leading breakthrough science venture firm. Since its establishment in 2018, the firm has conducted due diligence on thousands of companies from top founders and prestigious universities and incubators.

The company has already made significant investments from Fund III in various startups, including Quantum Space, a cislunar infrastructure provider, Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, a mental health therapeutics company, Paradromics, a brain-computer interface developer, and Robust.AI, a robotics innovator.

Founders of portfolio companies have praised Prime Movers Lab for its strong partnership and active support. The firm’s hands-on approach has helped startups move faster through clinical trials, attract additional capital and talent, and stand out in competitive markets.

Overall, Prime Movers Lab’s commitment to supporting early-stage founders and its focus on addressing important global challenges have positioned it as a trailblazer in the venture capital landscape.

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