Plenty Raises $5M in Funding


Plenty, headquartered in San Francisco, California, has secured $5 million in funding for its wealth-building platform designed to assist couples in investing and planning for their future together.

The funding round was led by Inovia Capital, with participation from Garage Capital, Otherwise Fund, and Interplay. Seed participants included Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s 35 Ventures, Charge Ventures, Phenomenal Ventures, Xtripe Angels, and strategic angels Adam Nash and Mark Goines.

The company plans to utilize the funds to expand its operations and further develop its platform.

Plenty, led by CEO Emily Luk, CPA, CFA, and Channing Allen, offers a collaborative approach for modern couples to merge their finances and build wealth together. Their platform features:

  1. Clear cashflow tracking tools that provide insights into spending, earning, saving, and investing trends month-over-month.
  2. Flexible sharing options allowing couples to designate accounts as shared or private, enabling them to invest and save towards shared goals while tracking earnings and spending together or individually.
  3. Goals-based planning, which enables couples to invest towards life milestones with personalized portfolios and plans tailored to their needs. Goals can be shared or private, and funding can be customized based on the couple’s preferences.
  4. Next-generation Robo-advisor capabilities, including direct indexing, advanced tax-loss harvesting, and values-based customization, allowing couples to invest like the wealthy.

Plenty’s platform aims to empower couples with the tools and resources they need to achieve financial security and plan for a prosperous future together.

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