Playground Global Raises $410 Million in new funding


Playground Global, an early-stage venture firm specializing in deep-tech investments, has successfully secured $410 million in new capital, boosting its total assets under management to over $1.2 billion. The firm is dedicated to supporting transformative technologies and visionary founders establishing category-defining businesses.

The recent funds, allocated in Fund III, will primarily target Seed and Series A companies, with initial investments ranging from $1 million to $20 million. These investments will span across various sectors, including next-gen computing, logistics, automation, infrastructure, decarbonization, and engineered biology.

Playground Global has already made notable investments from Fund III, backing companies such as d-Matrix, Ideon Technologies, Amber Bio, Infinimmune, and Atomic AI, along with several stealth-mode portfolio companies.

The firm, known for funding foundational layers of emerging technologies, recognizes the increasing gap between computational demands and Moore’s Law capabilities. Playground Global actively supports companies that are defining the next wave of computing, which is expected to drive innovation across diverse industries.

Peter Barrett, co-founder and General Partner at Playground Global, emphasized the remarkable acceleration in the development of consequential technologies. He highlighted recent achievements, including Relativity Space’s launch of the first 3D-printed rocket to space, Universal Hydrogen’s flight of the world’s largest hydrogen-powered plane, and Amazon’s initiation of testing Agility Robotic’s bipedal robot, Digit, for operational use.

Playground Global seeks out founders and technologies that establish foundational layers across industries. Notable examples include early investments in the AI hardware and software space, with successful outcomes such as the acquisition of Nervana Systems by Intel. Additionally, the firm has expanded its life sciences focus, investing in founder-led engineered biology startups shaping the future of therapeutic development and leveraging AI/ML workflows in drug development.

Jory Bell, General Partner at Playground Global, highlighted the firm’s commitment to the intersection of next-gen compute, AI, synbio, automation, and complex data generation tools, contributing to the evolution of the biotech ecosystem.

The Playground Global team, comprising over 40 individuals with technical backgrounds, combines their expertise to identify and support technology companies. The firm’s multidisciplinary approach involves investment, technology, operating, and platform teams, ensuring comprehensive support in areas such as capital formation, business development, talent acquisition, and marketing at the early stages of companies.

Bruce Leak, co-founder and General Partner at Playground Global, emphasized the paradigm shift in deep technology, noting that it no longer implies slow progress. As major industries undergo rapid transformation, Playground Global aims to provide hands-on support, a robust entrepreneurial community, and essential resources to founders developing commercially viable products at scale.

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