Planera Raises $5.4 Million in Seed Funding


Planera Seed Round

Planera, a visual scheduling and planning solution for the construction industry, has announced that it raised $5.4 million in seed funding from investors including Sorenson Ventures and Firebolt Ventures. The funding will support the company’s mission to transform project planning in the construction industry.

Planera, founded by Nitin Bhandari, offers a user-friendly alternative to the industry’s complex scheduling tools. Its visual scheduling software simplifies the construction planning and estimation process, allowing construction companies to build, analyze, and optimize schedules with ease. By combining the capabilities of legacy solutions with a collaborative online interface, Planera promotes efficient collaboration and accessibility across the entire project team.

The software includes features such as critical path analysis, float management, project filtering, and resource usage graphs. It aims to address the challenges of developing accurate and detailed project schedules, which are crucial for project success. With Planera, construction professionals can create resource-loaded schedules in hours instead of weeks, leading to improved project profitability and client satisfaction.

Planera was developed in collaboration with construction industry professionals and is designed to be adaptable for various sectors, including construction, engineering, architecture/design, and general contracting. The software facilitates planning, timeline creation, and collaboration among key project stakeholders, enabling accurate bids and precise project scheduling.

Customers have praised Planera for its ability to streamline the scheduling process and enhance collaboration. It provides real-time updates and allows all team members to contribute and update schedules easily. This improves accuracy, stakeholder alignment, and overall project quality.

In an industry facing challenges such as rising material costs and the need for precise planning and forecasting, Planera aims to provide an intuitive and powerful solution that can be utilized throughout the entire project lifecycle. The company’s vision is to democratize construction scheduling and become an indispensable tool for contractors and construction companies.

Prior to founding Planera, Nitin Bhandari was the founder of Zenlabs and Skyfire, companies focused on digital wellness tools and web browsing technology, respectively. Planera builds on Bhandari’s previous entrepreneurial experience and aims to revolutionize construction project planning.

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