PipeDreams raises $25 million by Former Nextdoor executive


Former Nextdoor executive, Dan Laufer, has returned to the startup scene with a new venture aimed at revolutionizing the HVAC industry. Laufer, who previously sold apartment rental platform RentLingo, noticed a gap in the market while working at Nextdoor: a high demand for HVAC services coupled with outdated consumer experiences.

This observation, combined with the looming retirement of many baby boomer business owners in the HVAC and plumbing sector, inspired Laufer to launch PipeDreams.

PipeDreams is a startup that specializes in acquiring small HVAC and plumbing businesses and scaling them using advanced software for scheduling and marketing. The company’s innovative approach allows business owners to retire without sacrificing their employees, brand identity, or customer relationships. By acquiring and integrating these smaller companies, PipeDreams aims to modernize the HVAC industry while providing a seamless transition for retiring business owners.

Recently, PipeDreams secured a significant $25.5 million Series A funding round led by Canvas Ventures and Plural Platform. Notable investors in the round include Tony Xu, founder of DoorDash, and Thomas Layton, former CEO of OpenTable. With this funding, PipeDreams plans to expand its operations beyond its current locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tucson, and Denver.

Unlike traditional private equity roll-up models, PipeDreams utilizes a unique strategy that combines equity and debt to acquire businesses outright. This approach allows the company to maintain flexibility and focus on long-term growth rather than short-term returns. Additionally, PipeDreams aims to address the industry’s skills shortage by launching an apprentice program to train the next generation of HVAC professionals.

While PipeDreams faces challenges similar to those encountered by Amazon aggregator startups, such as competition and market dynamics, its direct ownership of HVAC companies sets it apart. By embedding its technology into each provider’s website, PipeDreams ensures ongoing engagement and customer retention, unlike traditional marketplace models.

Looking ahead, Laufer envisions PipeDreams expanding into additional categories beyond HVAC, including electricians. With its innovative business model and commitment to modernizing the trades industry, PipeDreams is poised to make a significant impact in the HVAC sector and beyond.

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