Peaze Raised $2.1M Pre Seed Round



New York-based Peaze announced that it has raised $2.1 million in pre-seed round funding from leading web3 investors like Outlander Ventures, VersionOne and Haven Ventures. Funding will be used to build the infrastructure that enables the next wave of web3 adoption.

In a Medium blog post, Peaze shares:

“Now with Peaze, a new user can operate on-chain with just a traditional auth and fiat payment method — no on-ramping, no switching networks, no swapping tokens, no key management, no friction!

We believe the barrier to entry for new users in web3 begins at the first step to on-chain interaction: the wallet. To drive user adoption and retention, Peaze offers the tools to web3 developers to bring new users into their ecosystem. Whether you’re building blockchain games, DeFi protocols, social platforms, or NFT marketplaces, with a few lines of code, new users are enabled to get back to the purpose of the dapp being used.

Peaze’s embedded non-custodial solution abstracts away the layers of friction users run into with previous wallet technology, requiring them to generate a new wallet, on-ramp fiat to the correct cryptocurrency, define the chain they need to operate on, and finally sign the transaction. The first step users take to operate in the web3 ecosystem shouldn’t be the last step they take on-chain.

We are grateful to be backed by leading web3 investors: Outlander Ventures, VersionOne, Haven Ventures, Mute Ventures, Magic VC, and angels from Opyn, Avex Capital, and more. We’re also fortunate to have advisors on our team from Polygon, Wyre, Chainstack, and ZeroHash. Our collective team shares a vision to build the infrastructure web3 developers need to onboard the next billion users.”

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