Peaxy Raises $12 Million in Series B2 Funding to Revolutionize Battery Lifecycle Analytics and Digital Twins


Peaxy, a leading cloud software company specializing in battery lifecycle analytics and digital twins, has secured $12 million in a Series B2 funding round. The investment will fuel the development of Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI), the company’s flagship cloud-based predictive analytics platform that enables businesses to optimize battery lifecycle data.

Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their battery data ecosystems by offering a comprehensive solution for edge data capture and battery analytics. By consolidating data from every stage of the battery lifecycle, including research and development, manufacturing, operations, and end of life, PLI provides valuable insights to enhance safety, reduce costs, optimize performance, and extend battery life. Peaxy’s innovative approach facilitates seamless collaboration and streamlined operations throughout the entire battery value chain.

Manuel Terranova, CEO and President of Peaxy, expressed the increasing challenges and costs associated with managing battery data. The funding round highlights confidence in Peaxy’s vision of a unified, AI-driven solution for battery data management and digital twins. With the support of investors, Peaxy is poised to lead the industry with a mature and proven product offering, leveraging their deep domain experience to deliver exceptional value to customers.

Peaxy’s transformative platform will enable businesses to leverage battery data more effectively, leading to improved profitability, operational efficiency, and sustainability. With the backing of this funding round, Peaxy is well-positioned to revolutionize the battery industry and drive advancements in battery lifecycle analytics and digital twin technologies.

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