Payson, Utah-based Event Management Platform Velocity Access Raised $5M Seed


Velocity Access, a Payson, Utah-based company, has raised $5 million in seed funding to continue developing its next-generation ticketing, destination management, and customer experience software suite. The suite of solutions provided by Velocity Access includes Sticky Tickets, which enables venues to have control over the fan experience with safe, secure, and verifiable ticketing technology.

The company’s Venue/organization Wallet enables them to keep 1:1 relationships with fans, customers, and sponsors. The Venue Control feature allows resorts, theme parks, music venues, sports stadiums, and more to view dashboards that are connected to all systems within the venue. T

his means they can view live information on attendees, revenue, food, reservations, capacity, security, and more from one master dashboard. Finally, Velocity Access offers fully integrated web and app-enabled interfaces to ensure a 1:1 relationship between the organizer and the consumer.

Velocity Access’s solutions are designed to enable venues and organizations to take back control of the secondary market by reducing outrageous fees charged by third-party ticket aggregators. Instead, venues and artists can collect royalties through the company’s closed system.

The funding round was led by undisclosed investors, and the money raised will be used to further develop Velocity Access’s suite of solutions, expand its team, and grow its customer base.

The company is excited about the future and believes that its solutions will revolutionize the way that venues and organizations manage their events and interact with their customers. With this new funding, Velocity Access is well-positioned to become a major player in the event management and ticketing industry.

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