Par Equity Secures £67 Million in First Close of Northern Startup Fund: Addressing the Funding Gap for Tech Startups


Scottish venture capital firm Par Equity has achieved a significant milestone with the first close of its £100 million northern startup fund. The firm successfully closed £67 million and aims to reach the £100 million target sometime in the next year. Par Equity’s latest fund is specifically designed to bridge the funding gap for technology startups located outside of London. Focusing on firms in the north of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the fund aims to provide crucial financial support to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship in these regions.

Filling the Funding Gap: Empowering Northern Tech Startups

One of the primary objectives of Par Equity’s fund is to address the disparity in funding opportunities for startups located in the northern regions of the UK. While London has traditionally been a hub for investment and innovation, Par Equity recognizes the untapped potential in the north. With a combined GDP of around $1 trillion, the northern regions represent a substantial economic force. By specifically targeting startups in these areas, the fund aims to foster growth, innovation, and economic development.

Strategic Focus Areas: Driving Innovation in Key Sectors

Par Equity’s fund is strategically focused on supporting Series A funding rounds ranging from £5 million to £20 million. The fund aims to participate in 12 to 15 deals, providing startups with the necessary resources to scale and thrive. Key sectors of interest include health technology, climate solutions, robotics, advanced materials, and artificial intelligence. By investing in these areas, Par Equity aims to drive innovation, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth in the north.

Partnerships for Progress: Collaborative Support for Northern Entrepreneurs

Par Equity’s fund has garnered support from essential partners, including the Scottish National Investment Bank, Strathclyde Pension Fund, and British Business Bank. These collaborations signify a collective effort to empower startups and small businesses in the region. The fund’s strategic alignment with these partners showcases a unified commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting the next generation of innovative companies.

Opening Doors to Opportunity: Par Equity’s Vision for Northern Innovation

Par Equity’s successful first close of £67 million signifies a new chapter in northern innovation. By providing substantial funding, expertise, and mentorship, the fund is poised to catalyze a wave of entrepreneurial activity in the north of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. As the fund progresses toward its £100 million target, it holds the promise of unlocking countless opportunities, enabling startups to transform ideas into reality and contribute significantly to the region’s economic prosperity. Through strategic investments and collaborative partnerships, Par Equity’s fund stands as a beacon of hope, opening doors for aspiring entrepreneurs and fostering a thriving startup ecosystem in the north.

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