Pactio Raised $14M in Series A Funding for Digital Private Market Solution


Pactio, a digital architect for private markets, has announced the successful closure of a $14 million Series A funding round led by EQT Ventures. The investment will fuel Pactio’s expansion efforts and enable the scaling of its team to meet growing market demand.

The company aims to revolutionize private markets by creating a digital architecture tailored to one of the largest asset classes globally. Private markets have expanded significantly beyond traditional leveraged buyouts to encompass various investment strategies, including private credit, infrastructure, real estate, growth, and secondaries. However, navigating this complex landscape poses challenges for firms lacking the necessary digital tools.

Currently, transaction processes in private markets rely on manual, error-prone workflows spread across multiple legacy applications and teams. Pactio addresses this challenge by providing an intuitive solution to streamline private capital flows. By digitizing transactions from inception, Pactio eliminates complexity, reduces risk, and establishes robust digital foundations for the entire investment lifecycle.

Eric Heimark, Co-Founder and CEO of Pactio, emphasized the need for digital transformation in private markets, stating, “Private markets are evolving into one of the largest and most complex asset classes globally, yet progress is hindered by reliance on manual workflows and outdated technology. Investment teams deserve better, and digital transformation can dramatically elevate the quality of work, reduce risk, and expand ownership in the private markets industry.”

Tom Mendoza, Partner at EQT Ventures, expressed confidence in Pactio’s potential to become a crucial infrastructure layer for private capital, citing the team’s industry expertise and compelling vision. Mendoza stated, “The combination of their deep industry and tech expertise, compelling vision for how they will become the missing infra layer for private capital, and their early traction with industry leaders made it an easy decision.”

The Series A round attracted participation from high-profile private equity industry insiders and tech angels, including former Stripe Europe CEO Matt Henderson and Volt founder Tom Greenwood. These new investors join prominent early backers, underscoring confidence in Pactio’s mission to transform private markets through innovative digital solutions.

Pactio’s Series A funding marks a significant milestone in its journey to reshape private capital workflows and drive digital innovation in the industry. With continued support from investors and a focus on delivering value to customers, Pactio is poised to accelerate its growth and solidify its position as a leader in digital private market solutions.

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