P0 Security Raises $5 Million in Seed Funding to Secure Access for Cloud Identities


P0 Security, a company focused on providing unified solutions to secure cloud access and developer entitlements, has successfully raised $5 million in seed funding. Leading the investment were Lightspeed Venture Partners and SV Angel, along with several angel investors.

P0 Security offers a solution to secure cloud access, particularly targeting organizations that find traditional network perimeters inadequate for securing their cloud-native infrastructure.

The funding will be used to further develop its solution and bring it to market. P0 Security’s offering addresses the challenges of securing cloud infrastructure, which has become increasingly complex due to the shift towards cloud-native application development.

The company provides security practitioners with a unified platform for securing cloud access and entitlements, offering deep visibility into permissions and privileges for both human and machine identities.

This enables security teams to better control and manage access to sensitive cloud resources, identify potential attack paths, and automate privilege access escalations in a developer-friendly manner.

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