Orum raises $22M to inject AI into the sales prospecting process


Orum Series B

Four years ago, I was deep into my career as a sales leader building a world-class inside sales team at Rubrik. I noticed that my sales reps continued to run into the same challenge: they would call hundreds of prospects, but only engage in a handful of actual conversations. I knew then that there had to be a better way.

Since starting this journey alongside my co-founder Karthik Viswanathan, Orum has been enabling game-changing efficiencies for sales teams and sales reps. In the last year alone, we’ve powered over a million connections between sales reps and prospects, tripled the number of teams using Orum, and grown our team to just shy of 130 people.

Today, we’re excited to share the next major milestone for our business. We’ve raised $22 million in Series B funding led by Tribe Capital, with additional investment from Craft Ventures and Unusual Ventures. This brings our total funding to date to $50+ million; this additional capital will allow us to continue to invest in our product capabilities, expand our team, and enable more conversations for organizations of all sizes.

We are fortunate to partner with like-minded investors who know the challenges in sales as intimately as we do. Sri Pangular, Partner at Tribe Capital, has led sales teams for more than a decade. When we first connected about Orum and our vision, he immediately saw the tremendous opportunity and the impact it would bring to sales reps. 

“Orum is fast becoming one of the most impactful sales tools on the market today, and is the workspace of choice for businesses to manage their calling workflows. We at Tribe Capital are thrilled to be partnering with Jason and Karthik to support their mission in helping every sales organization reach its full potential.”

– Sri Pangular, Partner at Tribe Capital

Innovating for today’s remote workforce: Orum’s Salesfloor

Orum was founded in 2018 as a fully remote company. Even before the pandemic forced teams across the world to work remotely, we were focused on building a product that could be universally beneficial for any work environment, while being keenly aware of the unique challenges facing remote sales teams. With teams becoming more distributed, amplified by the current economic environment, the need for automation and efficiency has never been greater. 

Orum’s live conversation platform enables sales teams of all sizes to have more conversations, book more meetings and drive more pipeline, all while increasing sales rep satisfaction. 

I also know from experience that early career SDRs learn and grow through immersion, constant conversations, and the energy of an in-person sales floor – which wasn’t possible working alone from their bedrooms. This experience led us to build Orum’s Salesfloor. The Salesfloor allows remote teams to gain visibility into their peers day-to-day, interact through achievements and updates, pursue live coaching opportunities, and celebrate wins as a team in a virtual platform.

“It’s crucial for us to get better everyday, and that starts with enabling our SDRs team on calling best practices. Orum’s Salesfloor has been a game changer for us. It’s a forum where other SDRs can listen to their peers to come up with new ideas and talk tracks, but also for SDR manager’s to be pointed with their real-time feedback and coaching.”

– Cody Tse, Sr. Director of Sales Development at Workato

63626416d46c6c75a5f453ed Salesfloor

This iteration of the Salesfoor is just the beginning, and we’re learning that the ability to have a space to celebrate, learn and grow together, no matter where our teams are located, is not just a nice to have – it’s business critical.

Source: ORUM

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