Olis Robotics Secures $4.1M Funding to Meet Rising Demand for Remote Robot Management


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Olis Robotics, a company specializing in remote monitoring, control, and error recovery technology for industrial robots, has successfully raised $4.1 million in a funding round led by PSL Ventures. Additional investors include Tectonic Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures, as well as strategic angel investors such as robotics pioneer Daniel Theobald. The funding will support Olis Robotics’ efforts to provide safe and efficient remote monitoring and control solutions for industrial robots, helping to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and reduce robot downtime.

The global increase in automation adoption due to labor shortages has created a demand for robust and secure remote monitoring and control solutions. Olis Robotics’ unique ‘Olis Connect’ system allows users to remotely monitor, diagnose, and control industrial robots, enabling faster response times and reducing costly downtime. The funding will enable the company to further develop and expand its technology to support a wider range of robot brands and industrial applications.

Fredrik Ryden, CEO of Olis Robotics, emphasized the practical impact of their technology, particularly in addressing the significant costs associated with robot downtime. Olis Connect can be controlled through a web browser and is compatible with various robot brands, including Universal Robots and FANUC, representing a substantial portion of the global industrial robot market.

Olis Connect offers real-time remote access, allowing users to monitor and manage automation from anywhere using any browser-capable device. The system provides alerts and enables error recovery actions, helping users quickly address robot issues and minimize downtime. The platform also includes low-latency monitoring with cameras and a unique remote error correction functionality, reducing downtime from hours to minutes.

The funding will also support the expansion of Olis Robotics’ partnerships with robot system integrators in North America and the development of new software products. The company’s technology has the potential to transform how companies leverage their robot resources, enhance customer support, and improve efficiency in various industrial sectors.

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