OAG Acquires Infare, Strengthening its Position as a Leading Global Travel Data Platform


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OAG, the world’s foremost data platform for the global travel industry, has completed the acquisition of Infare, the leading provider of competitor air travel data. The deal, values the combined entity at over US$500 million, brings together two industry giants to create a market-leading end-to-end data platform catering to critical air travel intelligence needs worldwide.

Both OAG and Infare share a deep commitment to quality, accuracy, and customer-centricity, making this partnership a perfect fit. The combined entity envisions a journey of innovation and growth, providing high-quality data and cutting-edge solutions to airline partners and the broader travel ecosystem.

Infare’s reputation as the preferred partner for airlines seeking top-notch competitor air travel data perfectly complements OAG’s existing data solutions. The combination allows customers to gain a comprehensive view of supply and demand, enabling them to forecast resources, assess travel demand and competition, and develop innovative models to drive revenue and growth.

With this acquisition, OAG expanded its workforce to over 300 employees spread across 10 offices worldwide.

Phil Callow, CEO of OAG, expressed enthusiasm about the increasing dynamism in the global travel and technology sectors, highlighting the need for sophisticated, granular data to understand and manage air travel growth. He believes that with Infare’s addition, OAG can deliver consistent and accurate information throughout the supply and demand value chain, empowering customers to thrive and innovate.

Nils Gelbjerg-Hansen, CEO of Infare, emphasized the paramount importance of comprehensive and accurate data in making informed business decisions. He stated that the combination of Infare’s technology platform, data sets, and intelligence software with OAG’s solutions will significantly benefit customers worldwide. Gelbjerg-Hansen sees this as an excellent opportunity to expand services and introduce innovative products to cater to customer needs.

Both management teams will continue in the Group and retain a shareholding, with financial backing from Vitruvian Partners. Ben Johnson, a Partner at Vitruvian, expressed delight in supporting this ambitious technology company and renewing their relationship for the future.

Niclas Gabrán, Managing Partner at Ventiga Capital Partners, shared his pleasure in working with Infare to build it into a leading travel data provider. He believes that the next chapter for Infare within the OAG family will create further growth opportunities within and outside the air travel sector.

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