Nortal Expands Global Footprint with Acquisition of Questers


Multinational strategic change and technology company, Nortal, has acquired Questers, an award-winning distributed software company. Questers, as a subsidiary of UK-based TPXimpact Holdings PLC, will merge with Nortal’s daughter company, pwrteams, to strengthen its presence in North America and the UK. This move aims to bolster Nortal’s existing business of creating cross-border IT and engineering teams for global customers.

Questers, founded in 2007, is recognized as a leading international software development company specializing in designing, building, and managing dedicated teams across a diverse set of technologies and industries. While the majority of Questers’ customers are based in the UK, they also serve clients in the US, Germany, Belgium, Norway, and Switzerland.

Priit Alamäe, CEO and founder of Nortal, emphasized the significance of the Questers acquisition, particularly in reinforcing the pwrteams business focused on building dedicated cross-border teams. He stated that this move will expand market presence in the US and UK while complementing the strong organic growth Nortal has experienced over the past five years.

Nortal introduced pwrteams and the outsourcing and team augmentation business model to its portfolio in 2022 following the acquisition of Skelia. Pwrteams collaborates with clients in Europe and North America, including companies like TUI and Thomas Cook Group. The company’s service centers are located in multiple countries, including Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Lithuania, Estonia, Mexico, and now Bulgaria, following the acquisition of Questers.

Karel Saurwalt, CEO of pwrteams, highlighted the importance of access to top-tier tech talent in supporting pwrteams’ growth plans. The acquisition of Questers, renowned for its tech talent in Bulgaria, complements pwrteams’ existing capabilities, positioning them to become a global leader in building cross-border dedicated IT and engineering organizations.

Alexander Drangajov, CEO at Questers, expressed his excitement about the synergy between Questers and Nortal’s pwrteams business. He emphasized the potential for growth across a broader range of industries and territories as the two companies join forces.

The acquisition aligns with Nortal’s ongoing expansion efforts in Europe and North America. Nortal recently announced the establishment of a delivery center in Guadalajara, Mexico, to better serve North American customers and an expansion into the UK market, accompanied by the appointment of Thomas Hedley as Managing Director to enhance global capabilities in the UK.

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