MultiOmic Health has received $6.2 million in funding


MultiOmic Health, an AI-enabled drug discovery firm, has raised a £5 million (US$6.2 million) seed investment extension round to enhance its precision medicines discovery platform for metabolic syndrome-related medical disorders.

Hoxton Ventures led the investment, with Ada Ventures, MMC Ventures, and Verve Ventures also participating. MultiOmic has funded a total of US$8.6 million since its inception in May 2021, including an earlier investment headed by San Francisco-based Fifty Years.

Existing treatments for metabolic syndrome-related conditions merely reduce the risk of or postpone the onset of serious consequences such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, foot amputation, liver failure, and premature death, said MultiOmic’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Thong.

Patients’ disease journeys are extremely diverse, reflecting potentially hundreds of different disease variants caused not only by inherited genetics, but also by diet, lifestyle, and other environmental factors.

Unlike cancer, however, no precision medications exist to address the precise molecular-level causes of each metabolic syndrome illness variation.

We will address this enormous unmet medical need by systematically discovering unique treatment concepts for these various disease variants on a large scale.

Recently declining omics data generation costs, coupled with accelerating deployment of AI-enabled data science and digital simulation in disease biology, represent a unique opportunity to bring the immense benefits of precision medicine to metabolic syndrome patients, said Alasdair Thong, Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director of MultiOmic.

We founded this company to address a previously underserved market that can now be addressed affordably with the right tools.

We used our start-up and biopharma R&D experience to create a data strategy and operating model that avoided many of the errors that plagued earlier-generation AI-enabled start-ups.We are thrilled to be working with Robert and the MultiOmic team.

Ada is investing in game-changing solutions to the most difficult issues. Metabolic syndrome is one of the world’s leading causes of death, and MultiOmic is developing novel solutions to address this critical health issue utilizing cutting-edge approaches.

We are excited to be investing in Robert and Alasdair and to be joining a great group of MultiOmic investors, said Check Warner, Co-Founder & Partner at Ada Ventures.

We were impressed by MultiOmic’s approach after closely examining the evolving next generation of AI drug discovery platforms. The only option to close the knowledge gap in metabolic illnesses is to build a computational systems biology engine based on a large integrated omics dataset.

MultiOmic Health is an AI-enabled drug discovery (AIDD) start-up focused on metabolic syndrome-related diseases. It partners with carefully selected healthcare providers to source and analyse de-identified patient data and bio-samples.

MultiOmic’s MOHSAIC® platform combines integrated multi-omics analysis and computational systems biology modelling with targeted wet laboratory experiments to originate novel precision therapeutic concepts that MultiOmic commercialises via partnerships with established biopharma companies.

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