mPATH® Health Secures $1.1 Million to Enhance Cancer Screening and Lifesaving Efforts


mPATH® Health, a digital health company committed to revolutionizing cancer screening, has successfully concluded its inaugural funding round, raising $706,000 from angel investments and an additional $400,000 from a competitive National Cancer Institute Small Business Technology Transfer Grant. This achievement highlights the increasing acknowledgment and backing for mPATH’s groundbreaking approach to boosting preventive cancer screenings by merging automation with behavioral science.

The fundamental objective of mPATH is to save countless lives with its digital health platform, which identifies individuals overdue for routine screening, educates them about their options, and empowers them to seek necessary care. Co-founded by Drs. Dave Miller and Ajay Dharod, mPATH developed its technology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine with previous funding exceeding $6 million from the National Cancer Institute. The platform amalgamates advanced algorithms with personalized information, simplifying the recognition of the value of regular screening for individuals.

Dr. Dave Miller, Founder and CEO of mPATH Health, expressed excitement about the robust support received from investors who share the vision of transforming cancer screening delivery to save more lives. The funding will enable mPATH to expand its platform and assist more individuals in taking proactive steps toward preventing and detecting cancer early.

The investment round was led by Winston-Salem Partners Roundtable (WSPR) Fund, whose enthusiasm for supporting mPATH was palpable. According to Clay Johnson, WSPR Fund Partner, the investment reflects their belief in the transformative potential of technology to enhance healthcare outcomes.

Participating funds include Atlanta Technology Angels, FCP Ventures, First Launch Capital, RTP Angel Fund, and VentureSouth. Paul Clark, Managing Director of VentureSouth, emphasized their pride in supporting mPATH’s mission to improve lives through critical screening and timely care.

Despite medical advancements, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States. Early detection through regular screening is crucial for improving survival rates and reducing the cancer burden. However, many individuals encounter barriers to accessing and prioritizing screening, leading to missed opportunities for early intervention.

mPATH Health addresses these challenges by offering a user-friendly, technology-driven solution that adapts to individual preferences and behaviors. Utilizing plain language, engaging animations, and video testimonials, mPATH informs, motivates, and empowers individuals to undergo evidence-based recommended screenings.

mPATH is currently utilized across three healthcare systems in North Carolina for colorectal and lung cancer screening, with a fourth major healthcare system launching the program in March. The raised funds will enable mPATH to develop new modules for other preventive care needs and integrate artificial intelligence to enhance its outreach efforts. With this capital infusion, mPATH is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory and significantly increase cancer screening rates, ultimately saving lives and alleviating the global cancer burden.

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