Mojo Vision Raises $43.5M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Micro-LED Technology


Mojo Vision, the pioneering micro-LED company, has successfully closed its new Series A funding round, raising an impressive $43.5 million. The funding, led by long-time investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Khosla Ventures, along with new investor Vanedge Capital, signals a significant milestone for Mojo Vision, enabling the advancement of its micro-LED display technology across diverse applications and facilitating its commercialization. This accomplishment follows an initial Series A close of $22.4 million, demonstrating the remarkable interest from investors.

Nikhil Balram, CEO of Mojo Vision, expressed the company’s momentum and vision, stating, “The funding round drew remarkable interest from investors and exceeded our expectations, with our final figure almost doubling the amount of our initial raise in this round. Our next-generation display technology is state-of-the-art in brightness, efficiency, and form factor, positioned to disrupt a global industry.”

The recent funding comes on the heels of significant achievements, including the demonstration of the world’s highest-density (14K ppi) true red micro-LED microdisplay and the successful light-up of the first-ever 300mm blue GaN-on-Silicon micro-LED array wafer.

Mojo Vision’s innovations are vital for high-performance, energy-efficient screens in the next generation of AR/VR headsets, smart wearables, and automotive applications. Their proprietary High-Performance Quantum Dot (HPQD) technology, engineered to create the world’s smallest and most efficient RGB pixels, positions them as a frontrunner in the micro-LED market, which is expected to see substantial growth with estimates indicating 51.7 million units will be shipped by 2030.

Tianqiao Chen, Chairman and CEO of Shanda, a long-time supporter of Mojo Vision, expressed their confidence in the company’s pioneering work, stating, “This successful funding round signals the industry’s and venture community’s shared belief in the potential of their pioneering work in advanced displays, and we’re eager to support them on this next phase of their journey.”

Mojo Vision’s engineers have developed the world’s smallest, densest micro-LED display for dynamic content, delivering tiny pixels with ultra-high brightness, efficiency, and a slim form factor. Their innovations are poised to enhance user experiences and reshape the future of displays across various sectors, marking a significant leap in micro-LED technology.

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