Modyfi Unveils Full Public Beta of AI Design Platform, Secures $7M Seed Funding Led by NEA


Modyfi, an AI-driven design platform and image editor, has announced the launch of its full public beta. This beta phase provides free access to the platform for a range of users, including designers, art directors, marketers, artists, agency teams, and content creators. Modyfi aims to enhance design capabilities through its web-based AI-powered application, promoting creativity, teamwork, and collaboration.

The design tools landscape has seen significant advancements in web applications over the past decade, with recent adoption of generative AI and text-generation tools. However, traditional design software has not undergone substantial changes, especially in integrating generative AI to improve the daily workflow of design professionals. Modyfi seeks to address this gap by enabling direct utilization of generative AI during the design and collaboration processes.

Since June, Modyfi has been rolling out new features on a weekly basis, responding to user feedback to enhance the platform’s user experience. These features encompass proprietary versions of in-painting, generative-fill, SDXL, and integration of Meta’s SAM for layer splitting. These additions complement Modyfi’s existing functionalities, which include background removal, smart delete, and their flagship image guided generation.

Joe Burfitt, the Founder and CEO of Modyfi, expressed the company’s mission to inspire creativity by streamlining the design process and expediting image creation. Modyfi’s objective is to empower creators to maintain a high level of creativity consistently rather than sporadically. The platform is already being used by numerous designers from prominent companies such as Nvidia, Stripe, Calm, Red Antler, Route, and Spotify, who aim to facilitate collaboration through generative AI in the design workflow.

Alongside the public launch, Modyfi has secured $7 million in seed funding, led by New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA). The funds will support early user adoption and ongoing product development. Previous investors, including General Catalyst, also participated in this funding round. Luke Pappas, Partner at NEA, emphasized the promising early adoption and user engagement with Modyfi, highlighting the potential for creators to leverage the platform’s capabilities.

Modyfi, established in 2022, is a collaborative web-based design and image creation platform that integrates essential design tools with AI-powered technology. Its aim is to offer graphic designers greater control over their work while fostering innovation through playful exploration. The platform’s features minimize repetitive tasks and facilitate real-time collaboration among creative teams.

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