Midi Health Raises $25M in Series A Funding Led by GV (Google Ventures)


Midi Health, a leading digital healthcare platform specializing in women’s midlife healthcare, has successfully closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by GV (Google Ventures). The funding round saw participation from notable investors Frederique Dame and Cathy Friedman from GV, along with existing investors Felicis, Semper Virens, Icon, 25M, and Operator Collective, bringing Midi Health’s total funding to $40 million.

Since its official launch to consumers a year ago, Midi Health has provided care for tens of thousands of patients, with services covered by major insurance carriers. The platform is set to expand its operations nationwide, aiming to establish partnerships with prominent hospital systems and major U.S. employers.

Midi Health has recently formed a partnership with Progyny, a leading fertility benefits provider, to extend midlife care to employers across the United States. Notable clients already on board include Stanford University and ServiceNow, with agreements in place with healthcare systems clients such as Lifepoint Health.

Frederique Dame, General Partner at GV, expressed their confidence in Midi Health’s approach, highlighting the company’s innovative solutions addressing the unmet needs of nearly half the global population. Midi Health focuses on providing personalized, affordable, and accessible midlife care for women, aiming to modernize perimenopause and menopause care.

Every day, approximately 6,000 women in the U.S. enter menopause, a stage defined as starting 12 months after a woman’s last period. Perimenopause, the phase leading up to menopause, can occur years earlier and is characterized by fluctuating hormones and various challenging symptoms.

These symptoms, including hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and more, significantly impact women’s quality of life and career growth. A Mayo Clinic study revealed that 15% of women reduce work hours or miss work entirely due to these symptoms, resulting in approximately $1.8 billion annually in lost wages.

Joanna Strober, CEO, and Founder of Midi Health emphasized the disruptive impact of menopausal symptoms on women’s lives and the lack of proper medical attention. Midi Health provides an insurance-covered solution tailored to women’s unique needs, addressing a significant gap in health access, quality, and equity.

Midi Health employs a team of clinicians specialized in women’s health, ensuring rigorous training and ongoing education overseen by experts in perimenopause and menopause. Each patient receives a personalized care plan based on their health history, genetic factors, ethnicity, and race, encompassing hormonal and non-hormonal prescription medications, behavior change coaching, evidence-based supplements, and integrative therapy recommendations.

The platform’s patient CSAT score averages an impressive 95 percent, reflecting the high satisfaction levels among its users.

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