Metafuels Raises $8M Seed Funding to Advance Sustainable Aviation Fuel Innovation


Zurich-based climate tech startup Metafuels has successfully raised $8 million in a seed funding round led by Energy Impact Partners (EIP) and Contrarian Ventures. The funding aims to propel Metafuels’ efforts in developing and deploying sustainable fuel technologies, with a focus on synthetic aviation fuel (SAF). The startup aims to revolutionize aviation by decarbonizing the sector without requiring costly aircraft re-engineering or infrastructure modifications.

Key Points:

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): Metafuels focuses on producing synthetic aviation fuel, known as Aerobrew, as a drop-in SAF that does not require alterations to existing aircraft or aviation infrastructure.
  • Decarbonizing Aviation: Metafuels aims to reduce the total life cycle emissions of the average long-haul aircraft by up to 90%, addressing the aviation industry’s contribution of over 2% to global CO2 emissions.
  • Innovative Approach: Metafuels uses a two-step process to convert green methanol into kerosene, creating a sustainable jet fuel blend. The startup’s goal is to overcome efficiency challenges associated with SAF production and achieve industry-leading cost-effectiveness.
  • Transition to Greener Travel: The startup believes that SAF solutions like Aerobrew are crucial for a seamless transition to greener travel methods without altering flying habits, ensuring sustainability in the aviation sector.
  • Industry Support: Energy Impact Partners and Contrarian Ventures express excitement about supporting Metafuels in scaling SAF technology and enabling the aviation sector to align with net-zero goals.
  • Global Impact: Metafuels envisions mitigating the negative environmental impact of air travel while allowing people to explore cultures and participate in a globalized economy sustainably.

Metafuels’ innovative approach to SAF production aligns with the broader industry trend of developing sustainable alternatives to traditional aviation fuels, contributing to the reduction of the aviation sector’s carbon footprint.

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