Meet the Startups Selected for Intel Ignite’s Spring 2024 US Cohort 


Intel® Ignite, the prestigious global startup accelerator program for early-stage deep tech startups, is set to launch its highly anticipated fourth cohort in the United States on April 3rd. Nestled in the vibrant tech hub of Boston, this cohort boasts a diverse lineup of startups hailing from prominent tech ecosystems across the country, including San Francisco, Austin, New York, Boston, and Lafayette, Indiana. Handpicked from a competitive pool of 226 applicants, these ten pioneering startups are poised to embark on a transformative 12-week journey of innovation and growth.

With an impressive average funding of $8.4 million per company, this cohort represents a convergence of groundbreaking technologies spanning various industry verticals. Notably, the batch showcases a robust emphasis on cutting-edge domains such as artificial intelligence (AI), computational biology, human-machine interface, and biomechanical AI.

Let’s meet the trailblazing startups comprising the fourth US cohort of Intel Ignite:

  1. BitHuman (San Francisco): Revolutionizing the landscape of artificial intelligence with its innovative approach to building and defining human-like generative AI agents.
  2. BoolSi (Boston): Redefining hardware design with AI-powered solutions that compile any code into chips, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and performance.
  3. BosonQ Psi (New York): Empowering mobility and manufacturing sectors with an advanced simulation platform leveraging quantum algorithms to accelerate complex computational problems.
  4. Farsight AI (New York): Spearheading automation and augmentation across financial services and insurance sectors with cutting-edge AI agents.
  5. Insamo (San Francisco): Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning (ML) to design cyclic peptides for currently undruggable targets, revolutionizing drug discovery.
  6. Phantom Neuro (Austin): Pioneering lifelike control of robotic systems to enhance human capability, particularly for individuals with limb differences.
  7. Prediction Guard (Lafayette, Indiana): Enabling seamless integration of private, controlled, and compliant large language model (LLM) functionality to prevent hallucinations and ensure governance.
  8. Reality Defender (New York): Combating the proliferation of AI-generated deepfakes across audio, video, images, and text to safeguard enterprises and governments against fraud and disinformation.
  9. RevivBio (Boston): Leveraging ultrahigh throughput experimentation and deep generative models to accelerate protein design for diverse applications, including semiconductor industry-related challenges.
  10. Tausight (Boston): Providing AI-powered security solutions for electronic protection health information (ePHI) to fortify data protection measures.

Mark Castleman, Managing Director of Intel Ignite US, expressed enthusiasm for the cohort’s potential to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges through innovative tech solutions. With a strong focus on AI, robotics, and healthcare, the startups are poised to drive significant impact across industries.

Intel Ignite’s stellar track record of fostering strategic growth and facilitating product-market fit underscores its commitment to nurturing the next generation of deep tech startups. Since its inception in 2019, the program has catalyzed over $2 billion in funding for its participating companies, solidifying its reputation as a launchpad for disruptive innovation.

Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld, VP & GM at Intel Ignite, expressed pride in igniting the next wave of deep tech startups amid challenging funding climates. With a portfolio boasting remarkable acquisitions and substantial funding milestones, Intel Ignite continues to empower visionary founders in realizing their breakthrough ideas and reshaping the future of technology.

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