Mediafly Raises $80 Million to Extend Revenue Enablement to the Enterprise


Mediafly, a revenue enablement company, has secured an $80 million investment led by BIP Ventures, with participation from Boathouse Capital and existing insiders. The funding will play a pivotal role in advancing Mediafly’s strategy of delivering a comprehensive revenue enablement platform specifically tailored for large enterprises. The platform is used by leading B2B go-to-market teams to engage buyers, equip sellers, quantify value, and continuously enhance sales force performance.

Over the past 18 months, Mediafly has experienced a 164% growth in its customer base, while also enhancing its capabilities through organic innovation and the integration of five revenue technology vendors. This has positioned Mediafly as the sole provider capable of seamlessly merging enablement (content management and coaching) and intelligence (conversation and revenue) within a unified platform. The company’s platform has garnered the trust of professionals from sales, marketing, customer success, enablement, and operations at major global organizations such as Nestle, ADP, Honeywell, and Adobe.

Mark Buffington, Managing Partner of BIP Ventures, emphasized the strategic importance of revenue enablement and intelligence, underscoring Mediafly’s unique positioning to lead in this sector.

Mediafly’s platform addresses the evolving landscape of enterprise B2B selling, accommodating factors such as self-educated buyers, growing buying groups, and information saturation. To thrive in this environment, Mediafly provides personalized, immersive experiences that stand out.

The platform facilitates the creation and sharing of content and can scale effectively across extensive networks of sellers and buyers. It offers enterprise-grade features including robust user management, brand governance, personalization options, data integration, and security.

Carson Conant, Mediafly Founder and co-CEO, expressed the company’s mission to empower revenue teams with the tools needed to build strong relationships and drive revenue growth. Mary Shea, Mediafly co-CEO, highlighted the importance of consolidating enablement tools and streamlining processes for go-to-market leaders.

With this investment, Mediafly is well-positioned to further enhance its capabilities and services, meeting the demands of enterprise customers and contributing to the strengthening of business relationships and revenue generation.

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