Mawari Raises $6.5 Million in Oversubscribed Seed Round

Mawari Oversubscribed Seed Round To Build a Decentralized XR Streaming Network


Mawari Corp. has announced the completion of a $6.5 million oversubscribed seed round co-led by Blockchange Ventures and Decasonic, with additional investments from Abies Ventures, Accord Ventures, Anfield Ltd., Outlier Ventures, Primal Capital, and other prominent investors in the space.

Since 2017, Mawari has been a leader in cloud rendering and XR streaming technologies. This strategic investment allows Mawari to grow its existing R&D team and accelerate the launch of the Mawari Network: a cutting-edge, decentralized XR content delivery platform based on best Web3 principles and powered by the Mawari Engine – Mawari’s proven, proprietary, interactive real-time 3D rendering and streaming technology.

Paul Hsu, the founder and CEO of Decasonic, a Web3 native venture and digital assets fund, recently made a statement regarding Mawari’s technological advancements. According to Hsu, Mawari has developed a key technology that enhances the quality of augmented reality content in the Web3 and metaverse era. This technology is poised to significantly evolve the community environment and experience. Hsu believes that Mawari’s innovative approach will lead to a better and more immersive experience for users in the Web3 world, as it delivers the highest quality augmented-reality content. With this technological breakthrough, Hsu is optimistic about the future of the community and the impact it will have on the industry.

The CEO of a company, Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano, believes that there is a huge chance to make a lot of money in the XR industry. However, this can only happen when people can easily stream high-quality content on many mobile devices at the same time. Currently, there is no system that allows for this. But, he says that his company is working to build that infrastructure.

The Mawari Network is the only solution to one of the most serious issues limiting XR’s mainstream adoption: delivery at scale. Mawari’s Mawari Engine, a patent-pending 3D Streaming CODEC and split-rendering technology, provides fast, high-quality, and lightweight 3D content. A decentralized 3D content delivery platform powered by a network of GPU-powered nodes enables large-scale delivery.

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