MarketReader Secures $3.1M to Develop Data Analytics


MarketReader, a real-time market analytics firm that discovers and explains price activity, has received a $3.1 million initial fundraising round sponsored by angel investors mostly comprised of family offices and financial advisors. The financing will go toward the development of MarketReader’s user platform, which will provide financial advisors and ordinary investors with real-time, data-driven explanations of price movement across asset classes.

MarketReader intends to launch its user platform on a monthly subscription basis in 2023. The platform will include real-time data and analytical tools to assist users to understand not only what is happening in the market, but also why it is happening.

The first feature set will be tailored to financial advisers and wealth managers, but the company wants to expand into the retail and institutional investment markets as well.

MarketReader’s user platform is supported by a proprietary high-frequency data input and financial modeling system.

MarketReader is a market analytics company that empowers all investors to understand market movements in real-time.

The market is more complex than ever before, but traditional information sources still typically provide lengthy, slow, and subjective analysis. MarketReader solves this problem by using its proprietary data engine to identify and explain price movement across multiple asset classes in real-time. When an unusual price move is detected, the system algorithmically pinpoints the most plausible explanation and instantly returns the data-driven output. MarketReader’s system has a broader coverage and faster delivery than any manual, human-driven process.

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