Markerr, an analytics platform that powers critical decision-making for institutional real estate owners and operators, announced today the completion of a $6.6 million Series B round. Pretium, a specialized investment firm with more than $50 billion in assets under management, made a strategic investment in the round, which was led by RET Ventures.

Markerr’s rapid growth continued in 2022, with annualized recurring revenue (ARR) increasing 95% year on year and net retention exceeding 140%. Client and revenue growth will benefit from an expanding product portfolio with the introduction of several new products in 2022, including:

RealRent is a sophisticated rent forecasting tool that uses machine learning and vast data networks to provide transparent and accurate rent estimates.

RealRank, a market-leading application that enables acquisition and asset management teams to quickly access Markerr’s extensive economic, market, and property-level data offerings Population Nowcast, a real-time forecast of population and migration trends across the United States that provides ZIP Code level insights into one of the key drivers of real estate demand  New demand and supply indicators covering Crime and New Construction; and Expanded Property data with detailed Listings data.

Markerr’s timely and accurate analytics are derived from a highly differentiated data network, giving clients a competitive advantage while speeding critical business decisions.

Dashboards, complete datasets, and research reports are used to deliver Markerr’s derived analytics and insights. Markerr is establishing a new benchmark for real estate decision-making.

Our products enable clients to gain a competitive advantage and make more confident and efficient decisions by leveraging real-time data and machine learning to derive unique property and market analytics. Our clients include the world’s largest institutional real estate owners and operators.

Markerr, which was founded in New York City in 2021, is backed by leading investors such as RET Ventures, Pretium, and Bridge Investment Group.

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