LongPath Technologies Raises $22 Million in Series A funding for its patented methane monitoring network


LongPath Technologies

LongPath Technologies, a pioneer in continuous emissions detection and quantification technology, has raised $22 million in Series A funding.

White Deer, a private equity firm with a track record of investing in companies that decarbonize the energy sector, led the round. ProFrac (NASDAQ: ACDC), a growth-oriented, vertically integrated, and innovation-driven energy services company, and Williams (NYSE: WMB), a premier provider of large-scale natural gas infrastructure, joined White Deer in its investment. Buff Gold Ventures, a firm focused on deep tech investments based at the University of Colorado, also participated in the round. Existing LongPath investors also participated in the round.

LongPath Technologies is a pioneer in the development of scalable technology for continuously monitoring and quantifying methane emissions. Each LongPath system provides coverage ranging from a single site to 20+ sites across 20 square miles. LongPath is the only solution that can provide operators with real-time, actionable insights through quantification and equipment-level localization capabilities that have been peer-reviewed and blind-tested.

LongPath systems are exceptionally adaptable, allowing operators to tailor measurement frequency, quantification rigor, detection thresholds, and alert modality to facility types, operational goals, and budget constraints.

LongPath’s Series A funding builds on its technological and commercial successes, positioning the company to meet accelerating demand from its blue-chip customer base to address a critical global priority. LongPath intends to use the proceeds from this round of funding to expand deployments to existing and new customers and markets, as well as to further develop its game-changing technology platform for use across broader energy and industrial infrastructure, such as the oil and gas, waste management, mining, and urban monitoring sectors.

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