Locus Robotics Raises $117M in Series F funding, bringing its Valuation to $2B

A strategic round of funding advances the industry's leadership in the rapidly expanding warehouse automation field. Locus' next phase of expansion will be supported by new board members Goldman Sachs Asset Management and G2 Venture Partners.


locus robotics

Locus Robotics, a pioneer in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for fulfillment and distribution facilities, announced today a $117 million Series F round headed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and G2 Venture Partners. Mark Midle, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, and Zach Barasz, Partner at G2 Venture Partners, will join the Locus Board of Directors as part of the investment, providing their distinct industry perspectives and insights to help steer Locus’s next stage of growth and worldwide expansion.

Locus Robotics’ revolutionary, multi-bot solution incorporates powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robots that operate collaboratively with human workers to dramatically improve piece‐handling, case-handling, and pallet-moving productivity 2X–3X, while optimizing labor and making efficient use of warehouse space. Locus helps retailers, 3PLs, and specialty warehouses efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding requirements of fulfillment environments. Easily integrating into large-scale new and existing warehouse infrastructures without disrupting workflows, Locus transforms productivity without transforming the warehouse.

“Locus has established itself as an innovative, high-quality market leader for flexible automation in the massive warehouse fulfillment and distribution market,” said Mark Midle of Goldman Sachs. “Our investment reflects our view that Locus has the product offering and the operational excellence required to meet and exceed the market challenges posed by today’s dynamic economic environment.”

“This new round of funding marks an important inflection point for Locus Robotics as we look toward our next stage of growth, and we strategically chose to bring in investors with a wealth of experience in both public and private markets to advise us as we continue our journey,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “As the rapid digital transformation of the supply chain continues, warehouses increasingly seek flexible, intelligent robotics automation to improve productivity and grow their operations, despite ongoing labor shortages and exploding order volumes.”

With an industry-leading, intelligent, and dynamically scalable robotics-driven solution, the Locus warehouse execution platform disrupts large-scale warehouse fulfillment and distribution. Locus increases productivity by 2X-3X by seamlessly combining human labor with AMRs to improve order fulfillment efficiency and workplace ergonomics while cutting operational expenses.

With over 230 contract sites around the world, some with as many as 500 LocusBots per site, the Locus solution efficiently and seamlessly orchestrates the operation and management of multiple robot form factors, as well as providing forward-looking, real-time business intelligence, which is critical for optimizing productivity, proactively managing labor, and managing costs.

Locus collaborates with the world’s leading warehouse operators to develop a powerful synergy that accelerates deployment while also providing robust, actionable business intelligence to optimize warehouse productivity, cost management, and labor management.

Locus reached a big milestone in September 2022 when it made the industry’s first billionth selection. Locus chose its first 100 million units in 1,542 days and the last 100 million in 40 days. Locus robots currently make more than three million picks every day on a global scale.

Locus has over 90 customers globally, including CEVA Logistics, DHL, Material Bank, Boots UK, GEODIS, Ryder, Verst Logistics, Radial, and others, who are doubling and tripling their fulfillment productivity while maintaining near-100% accuracy.

Stack Capital Group, Next47, Stafford Capital Partners, HESTA, Newton Investment Management North America, Gray’s Creek Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Hercules Capital, Inc., BOND, and Scale Venture Partners also participated in the Series F round.

Locus Robotics Headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Locus’s EMEA presence is centrally located in Amsterdam, with APAC presence located in Singapore.

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