Lasso MD raises $2 million to assist dentists in expanding their patient base


Lasso MD raises $2 million to assist dentists in expanding their patient base.
Lasso MD, the premier all-in-one marketing solution for dental and medspa practices, announced today a $2M lead investment from Trestle Partners (“Trestle”), a New York-based private investment firm with extensive experience collaborating with SaaS and Martech startups.

Lasso MD is essentially a marketing firm for private healthcare providers. A practice can use the service to develop content, promote online, and monitor lead flow. However, Lasso MD’s distinct advantage stems from its approach to content creation and revenue attribution.

The company provides unrivaled transparency with its completely integrated software package, which checks ROI-performance across all marketing channels, and offers unique movies and photographs at 75% less than the market pricing.

Working with Lasso MD has been fantastic, according to Dr. Uzi Kamal of Black Bear Dental. “We’re getting a lot of traffic to our new website now, and we’re averaging four new patients per day, which is crazy considering our practice is only open four days a week.”

We make it simple to recruit and schedule new patients, and we intend to make it even simpler in the future, said Eric Bunnell, CEO of Lasso MD. If we can simplify processes that have no direct influence on patient care, clinicians will have more time to focus on what is most important: providing high-quality patient care.

Lasso MD is a comprehensive marketing platform for dentistry and medspa practices. The company helps practitioners develop bespoke content, advertise online, automate lead management, and track marketing ROI. The most popular options offered by the organization include a website, photo shoot, SEO, ROI statistics, and lead management tools.

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