Kosmik, a collaborative visual software company, raises $3.7m funding


Kosmik, a collaborative visual software company, announced the successful raising of $3.7 million in Seed funding for its innovative desktop redesign project. Unlike traditional desktop environments that have remained largely unchanged, Kosmik seeks to revolutionize the way individuals gather, link, and share information by providing a flexible and dynamic platform.

Kosmik’s approach allows users to collect and connect information on a freeform canvas, breaking away from the rigid hierarchy of files and folders on traditional desktops. The platform integrates a browser, PDF reader, and text editor, enabling users to simultaneously surf the web, read PDFs, import files, make annotations, and organize content on the canvas.

The result is a granular desktop that serves as a networked repository of materials and ideas, allowing users to share their work with others as a public website for collaborative efforts in multiplayer mode. Notably, Kosmik prioritizes privacy by encrypting all data on the user’s device and employing a peer-to-peer model, eliminating the reliance on cloud services.

Kosmik is introducing its first AI features, including auto-tagging, smart mood boards, and the ability to extract data from websites. Paul Rony, the founder of Kosmik, explained that the platform was created to address the limitations of traditional desktops, where files can only exist in one folder at a time, leading to a loss of context and difficulty in finding relevant information.

The funding round was led by Creandum, known for early backing of European successes like Spotify and Klarna. Other participants included existing investors Alven, Kima Ventures, Betaworks, Amjad Masad (founder of Replit), Andrew Sutherland (founder of Quizlet), and various prominent business angels. Hanel Baveja, Principal at Creandum and Kosmik Board Member, expressed excitement about supporting Kosmik in reimagining outdated paradigms in daily workflows.

Kosmik plans to utilize the investment to scale its operations, develop more integrations, and expand its team. The company’s vision of transforming desktop functionality and knowledge management has gained traction among users, and this funding is expected to propel Kosmik into the next phase of its journey.

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