JobGet Acquires Wirkn


JobGet, a Boston, MA-based company known for its app-first hiring platform, has acquired Wirkn, a Montreal, Canada-based frontline recruitment platform provider.

Key Highlights:

  • Deal Details:
  • Acquisition Amount: Not disclosed

About Wirkn:

  • Leadership:
  • CEO: Mathieu Weber
  • Product Offering:
  • Platform: Provides recruitment solutions for hourly positions in North America.
  • Features:
    • Attraction: Attracts job seekers from various channels including physical locations, internet, job boards, and social media.
    • Selection: Allows employers to select candidates based on availability, skills, and experience, and view their presentation videos.
    • Communication: Facilitates efficient communication with candidates through internal messaging, phone, or email.
  • Network:
  • Reach: Over 17,000 locations including malls, retail stores, and restaurants.

About JobGet:

  • Leadership:
  • CEO: Tony Liu
  • Company Overview:
  • Platform: An app designed for hiring everyday workers, focusing on hourly and non-exempt roles.
  • Network: Connects over 70 million job seekers with well-known brands such as Avis, Whole Foods, and Lovesac.
  • Industries: Serves various sectors including retail, restaurants, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Benefits of Acquisition:

  • Broadened Reach:
  • Expanded Network: JobGet will integrate Wirkn’s extensive network, significantly increasing its applicant reach for the 17,000+ mall, retail, and restaurant locations.
  • Enhanced Recruitment: JobGet’s platform will benefit from Wirkn’s capabilities in attracting and selecting hourly employees efficiently.
  • Enhanced Capabilities:
  • Technology Integration: JobGet will incorporate Wirkn’s features such as candidate video presentations and multi-channel candidate attraction, improving its overall hiring process.
  • Improved Communication: The acquisition will enhance JobGet’s communication tools, allowing for better interaction with candidates through multiple channels.

This acquisition enables JobGet to strengthen its position in the hourly worker recruitment market by expanding its reach and enhancing its technology and communication capabilities, making it a more comprehensive solution for employers in need of quick and quality hires.

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