Japanese-based Fintech Startup Yoii Raised $5.5M


Tokyo-based Yoii Inc., the provider of the revenue-based financing platform “Yoii Fuel,” has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising approximately $5.5 million. Emellience Partners led the funding, with participation from Itochu Technology Ventures, FFG Venture Business Partners, and five other existing investors.

This round brings Yoii’s total funding to $9.5 million. Yoii is committed to introducing innovative fundraising methods in Japan that diverge from traditional debt or equity models, with the goal of supporting startup growth.

Aligned with the Japanese government’s advocacy for “New Capitalism,” which prioritizes the development of startups addressing societal challenges, Yoii aims to contribute to the growth of startups in Japan. Despite this vision, the country lags behind the US and Europe in terms of startup growth rates and the number of unicorn companies. Early-stage startups often encounter high barriers with traditional funding methods like equity and debt financing. Yoii addresses these challenges by focusing on RBF as a more flexible funding solution.

Yoii Fuel serves as a platform enabling companies to secure growth funds from future revenues. The platform’s online application process eliminates the need for share dilution, personal guarantees, or collateral. Noteworthy features include an efficient and swift assessment process, simplified procedures requiring minimal financial data, and seamless integration with external services for automatic financial data submission.

With the Series A funding, Yoii intends to strengthen its product promotion within Japan and embark on an expansion journey into the Asian market. This expansion strategy involves international research, the development of proprietary risk models, and an emphasis on recruitment efforts. Yoii is poised to contribute to the evolution of startup financing, offering a more accessible and adaptable funding solution for emerging businesses in Japan and beyond.

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