Ionomr Innovations secures $20 million financing to advance hydrogen technologies


Ionomr Innovations

Ionomr Innovations Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of breakthrough polymer and membrane technologies for next-generation hydrogen applications, has successfully closed a Series A-4 funding round, raising $20 million. The investment round was led by returning investors NGIF Cleantech Ventures and Pallasite Ventures, with substantial support from Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Finindus. New investors participating in the funding round include N.V. Bekaert, Asahi Kasei, Samsung Ventures, and SAIC Capital.

The Vancouver-based company has gained recognition for its innovative ion-exchange membranes, specifically Aemion® and Pemion®, which play a crucial role in advancing the green hydrogen economy. These membranes are manufactured at scale to support a wide range of industrial applications, offering a breakthrough in materials that are vital for the production, storage, and utilization of hydrogen in various sectors.

“We are delighted to receive the financial support of industry players that represent the full spectrum of the hydrogen ecosystem,” said Bill Haberlin, CEO of Ionomr Innovations. “The participation of leaders across our industry underscores that Ionomr is delivering proven competitive advantages to our customers and their system users. It reinforces that Ionomr’s Aemion® is a viable solution for improving the economics in the hydrogen economy and that Ionomr’s Pemion® enables higher-temperature operation, essential for fuel cells in next-generation heavy-duty transportation to succeed, while eliminating toxic ‘forever chemicals.'”

Green hydrogen production, hydrogen fuel cells, and efficient carbon utilization are pivotal elements in the global efforts to reduce emissions, especially in hard-to-decarbonize heavy industries such as steelmaking, chemical production, long-term seasonal energy storage, heavy-duty transport, aviation, and shipping.

The funding secured in this round will enable Ionomr to further scale its production of ion-exchange membranes and polymers, supporting the widespread adoption of its Aemion® and Pemion® technologies. These materials are fundamental to accelerating the hydrogen economy, addressing challenges from the production of hydrogen gas through electrolysis to its efficient use in fuel cells.

Ionomr’s proprietary materials offer distinct advantages, making more efficient and cost-competitive solutions possible. One notable achievement is the elimination of expensive precious metal requirements from hydrogen production. Additionally, the company’s innovations support higher-temperature fuel cell solutions, which are essential for the success of next-generation heavy-duty transportation.

The green hydrogen economy is rapidly gaining traction as industries seek sustainable alternatives to traditional energy sources. Ionomr’s commitment to providing cutting-edge materials and technologies positions the company as a key player in driving advancements within the hydrogen sector. The successful closure of the Series A-4 financing round marks a significant milestone for Ionomr Innovations as it continues to contribute to the global transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

This strategic funding will not only support the scaling of production but will also facilitate ongoing research and development initiatives, allowing Ionomr to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in the hydrogen industry. As the demand for green hydrogen continues to rise, Ionomr is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of clean energy.

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