Inkbit raised $19M investment from Ingersoll Rand

This investment marks a significant milestone for Inkbit as it strives to advance its multi-functional additive manufacturing technology.


Inkbit, a trailblazer in advanced additive manufacturing solutions, has successfully closed a $19 million financing round led by Ingersoll Rand, with participation from Future Labs Capital, GC Ventures America, iGlobe Partners, Ocado, Phoenix Venture Partners, Stratasys, Zeon Ventures, and other private investors.

Inkbit, headquartered in Medford, Massachusetts, specializes in additive manufacturing solutions. The company’s flagship product, the Inkbit Vista™ system, enables volume production of complex polymer 3D printed parts. Leveraging its innovative Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) technology, Inkbit accelerates the translation of ideas into tangible products, driving innovation in the additive manufacturing landscape.

Inkbit envisions a future where the development of physical products mirrors the rapid pace of software innovation. To realize this vision, the company has developed Vision-Controlled Jetting™ (VCJ), a revolutionary multi-material manufacturing system. VCJ integrates advancements in computation, chemistry, and process control to enable the swift production of innovative products, ranging from complex industrial fluidics to bio-inspired robots, with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Vicente Reynal, Chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand, expressed excitement about joining forces with Inkbit to revolutionize component manufacturing and drive innovation across various industries, including life sciences and industrial applications.

Inkbit’s technology, initially conceived at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, reimagines the traditional assembly line. VCJ combines the scalability and reliability of conventional assembly lines with the flexibility and intelligence of 3D machine vision-based feedback control. Unlike traditional methods that require dedicated production processes for each subcomponent, VCJ streamlines production by fabricating multi-functional products in a single pass, starting from raw materials.

Henry Ford III, Director at the Ford Motor Company and descendant of Henry Ford, the pioneer of the moving assembly line, expressed his enthusiasm for joining Inkbit as an Independent Director. He sees this partnership as an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of manufacturing processes for the future.

Davide Marini, Co-founder and CEO of Inkbit, highlighted the significance of partnering with iconic names in American manufacturing history like Ingersoll Rand and Ford. He emphasized Inkbit’s transition from an equipment provider to a collaborative partner with manufacturers, aiming to facilitate product innovation through new materials and processes.

Inkbit’s VCJ technology is poised to transform product design and manufacturing across various sectors, including robotics, healthcare, mobility, industrial automation, and defense. By partnering with industry leaders, Inkbit is paving the way for the next generation of products.

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