infiniDome raises $9 million in Series A funding


infiniDome, a leading provider of anti-jamming solutions, has raised $9 million in Series A funding headed by Hanwha Aerospace, one of South Korea’s major companies, alongside Honeywell Ventures and Next Gear Ventures.

This round of funding will assist the deployment of infiniDome’s highly sought-after GPSdome2 to key defense forces such as the US Department of Defense, the Israeli Defense Prime, the South Korean Army (ROK armed forces), and the Indian armed forces.

Honeywell Ventures is investing infiniDome for the third time, and Next Gear Ventures has been supporting them since their Seed round. In the future, infiniDome intends to expand its collaboration with its strategic investors through the joint development of customized solutions and global commercial partnerships.

InfiniDome, which was launched on June 22, 2016, creates GPS protection and robust navigation solutions to safeguard UAVs and vehicles from jamming attacks.

They are currently breaking GPS protection for UAVs for defense/HLS and will do it again tomorrow for delivery drone protection.

The infiniDome team has recently expanded to 26 individuals, pushing the boundaries of GNSS, RF, EW, and UAV technology. Omer Sharar (CEO), Moshe Kaplan (CTO), and Ehud Sharar (President and VP Manufacturing) are among the infiniDome founders.

GPS signals orbit 20,000 kilometers above the earth’s surface, making them exceedingly weak and susceptible to jamming. This poses a risk to a variety of companies, which would be dead in the water (or in the air) without GPS.

Manned ground vehicles and unmanned vehicles such as UAV, UGV, and USV all rely heavily on GPS for tracking friendly forces (identification of friend or foe), navigation, and autonomous flight, making them extremely vulnerable to GPS jamming attacks, exposing them to significant operational and safety risks.

GPS jamming is becoming more common around the world, with GPS jammers accessible online for as little as $30.infiniDome

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