Hysata Raises $111M to Scale Green Hydrogen Production

The funding round aims to bolster Hysata's mission of revolutionizing green hydrogen production with its innovative high-efficiency electrolyzers.


Hysata, an Australian green hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturer has raised a significant $111 million USD investment led by bp Ventures and Templewater.

Hysata specializes in developing electrolyzers that promise to produce green hydrogen at scale, boasting higher energy efficiency and lower costs compared to alternative technologies. The company’s unique capillary-fed alkaline electrolyzer utilizes cutting-edge engineering and science to minimize energy consumption during the conversion of water to hydrogen.

The investment round saw strong participation from major strategic and financial investors, including IP Group Australia, Kiko Ventures, Virescent Ventures (on behalf of Clean Energy Finance Corporation), Hostplus, Vestas Ventures, and BlueScopeX. Additionally, new investors such as POSCO Holdings, POSCO E&C, IMM Investment Hong Kong, Shinhan Financial Group, Twin Towers Ventures, Oman Investment Authority’s VC arm IDO, and TelstraSuper joined the funding round, demonstrating growing confidence in Hysata’s groundbreaking technology.

The funding will be utilized to expand production capacity at Hysata’s manufacturing facility in Wollongong, New South Wales, and further develop its technology to achieve gigawatt-scale manufacturing. Hysata CEO, Paul Barrett, emphasized the company’s commitment to accelerating the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors like steel, chemical manufacture, and heavy transport through efficient and reliable electrolyzer solutions.

With its high-efficiency and low-cost design, Hysata aims to drive down the levelized cost of hydrogen, contributing to the global transition towards low-carbon energy solutions. The investment aligns with bp Ventures’ strategic focus on advancing low-carbon hydrogen production, offering potential synergies with bp’s hydrogen energy hubs, including projects like H2 Kwinana and the Australian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH).

Templewater, as a joint lead investor, underscored the transformative potential of Hysata’s electrolyzer technology in addressing climate challenges and supporting sustainable energy sources. The investment reflects Templewater’s commitment to backing mission-driven companies dedicated to tackling global climate issues.

As the demand for low-carbon hydrogen continues to grow, Hysata’s advanced electrolyzer technology stands poised to play a pivotal role in enabling the widespread adoption of green hydrogen, driving global efforts towards a sustainable and decarbonized future.

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