Horizon Quantum Computing raises $18.1 million USD as part of a Series A funding round


Horizon Quantum Computing

Horizon Quantum Computing, a Singapore-based company that develops software development tools to unlock the potential of quantum computing hardware, announced today that it has raised $18.1 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital India, Tencent, SGInnovate, Pappas Capital, and Expeditions Fund.

The investment tour will support the company’s growth by allowing it to strengthen its scientific and engineering teams in order to accelerate product development, establish a new engineering center in Europe, and bring Horizon’s unique technology to market. The total funding for Horizon Quantum Computing is expected to be around $21.3 million USD.

Sequoia Capital India and SGInnovate, which led the Seed+ and Seed of Horizon investment rounds, respectively, have both reaffirmed their support for the company’s ambition to provide tools to make quantum computer programming as accessible and effective as it is for conventional computers today.

Horizon has already passed through critical stages in its technological development, demonstrating advanced compilation techniques, algorithm synthesizing, and rapid device characterization. Horizon demonstrated its integrated development environment at the Q2B conference in Silicon Valley in December 2022 and announced that it will launch an early access program this year.

Horizon also joined Singapore’s National Quantum-Safe Network last year and recently witnessed its first data transmission since its inception. Horizon’s participation in this network is a step toward realizing the company’s goal of providing secure access and maintaining the confidentiality of quantum computers based in the cloud.

Horizon Quantum Computing has also recently announced the opening of its first European offices in Ireland, where it is building its new engineering center. The company is currently recruiting a software engineering team in Dublin to help strengthen its operations around the world.

Horizon Quantum Computing is developing a new generation of programming tools to simplify and accelerate the development of software for quantum computers. By removing the requirement for prior experience in quantitative computing to develop applications for quantitative hardware, Horizon’s tools will make the power of quantitative computing available to any software developer.

The company was founded in 2018 by Dr. Joe Fitzsimons, an expert in the field of quantitative computing applications. Dr. Fitzsimons has over 18 years of experience in quantitative computing and complexity theory, and he holds an Oxford doctorate in quantitative computing architectures.

The leadership team also includes Dr. Si-Hui Tan, director of science and MIT PhD candidate who has been involved in quantitative research for 18 years.

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