Holdbar Secures $3.5M to Revolutionize Experience Providers and Tour Operators Digitization


Holdbar, a Danish startup specializing in experience management software, has successfully raised $3.5 million in funding, with notable investors including Steve Fredette, co-founder of Toast, and Firstminute Capital, among others.

Founded just a year ago, Holdbar aims to address the lack of digitization among tour operators and experience providers globally. Recognizing the growing demand for digitization in this sector, Holdbar offers a comprehensive software suite tailored for experience providers. This suite includes essential tools such as a booking engine, payment solution, team planning, gift card solution, and demand generation capabilities.

With the recent $3.5 million Seed round, Holdbar plans to further enhance its platform to become the preferred choice for experience providers worldwide. CEO Lasse Kjær, who previously co-founded the leading Nordic experience marketplace Truestory, underscores the importance of digitizing the experience sector to meet the evolving needs of consumers, particularly the younger generation who prioritize experiences over material possessions.

Backing the funding round are Seed Capital and Firstminute Capital, along with notable investors Christoph Deckert and Steve Fredette. Kjær expresses enthusiasm for collaborating with experienced partners, citing Toast as a source of inspiration for Holdbar’s vision to empower small businesses in the experience industry.

As the demand for experiences continues to grow, various sub-verticals within the industry are emerging, including AI-driven experiences and influencer-led events. Holdbar aims to provide the necessary infrastructure and tools for these businesses to thrive independently, offering end-to-end digital experiences that reflect their unique brands.

Brent Hoberman, co-founder and managing partner of Firstminute Capital, draws parallels between Holdbar and Shopify, emphasizing the importance of businesses owning their data and software stack to benefit from AI efficiencies. Hoberman believes that Holdbar can facilitate this transition for small businesses in the travel industry, enabling them to engage directly with customers and enhance their digital presence across multiple platforms.

With its recent funding, Holdbar is poised to drive innovation in the experience provider sector, empowering businesses to embrace digitization and unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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