Healium Closes $3.6M Seed Funding Round And Enters into Know-How License with Mayo Clinic


Healium, a virtual and augmented reality biofeedback company today announced that it has secured $3.6m in a seed funding round led by Impact Venture Capital, with participation from other funds such as Mayo Clinic and Coact Capital. The funding will be used to further develop Healium’s immersive mental health and fitness capabilities using virtual and augmented reality.

The company has also entered into a know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic, which will provide subject matter experts to help develop the company’s immersive mental health and fitness capabilities that use virtual and augmented reality. Healium’s patented technologies use biometric data from fitness trackers to create immersive stories that allow users to interact with their own biometric data, such as EEG brain patterns, heart rate, and blood pressure. The company’s products have been used in schools, with frontline healthcare workers, elite athletes, and the US military to self-manage anxiety and burnout.

Healium’s products, including Sleepium, allow users to learn to self-regulate their anxiety by visualizing their biometric data in real-time. The company’s approach has been validated by seven peer-reviewed journals, which have shown significant improvements in anxiety or mood in as little as four minutes. The company’s technology works by spatializing biodata from consumer wearables into 3D objects in the metaverse. Healium has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Forbes, Venture Beat, and the Wall Street Journal.

Healium’s products can be used with consumer wearables such as Apple Watch and EEG headbands. The company’s mobile apps are currently compatible with these devices, with more fitness trackers coming soon. Healium’s products are available for download on the Apple, Google Play, or virtual reality app stores.

The know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic is an important milestone for Healium, as it will help the company to continue developing its technology and expanding its reach. The collaboration between Healium and Mayo Clinic will bridge biometric data, generative AI, and XR content to develop new immersive mental health and fitness capabilities. Healium’s CEO, Sarah Hill, developed the technology with Dr. Jeff Tarrant in 2016 to counteract the traumatic media images she encountered as a former TV broadcaster.

Healium’s approach to mental health and wellness is particularly relevant in today’s world, where more people are looking for ways to manage stress and anxiety. The company’s unique approach, which uses immersive stories to visualize biometric data in real-time, is an innovative way to help people learn to self-regulate their emotions. With the support of Mayo Clinic and other investors, Healium is well-positioned to continue developing its technology and expanding its reach to more people around the world.

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