Trailblazing company Harbor Raised $3.7 Million in Seed Funding


Harbor Co-founders Charlie Hill and Kevin Lavelle

Harbor, a trailblazing company in infant care technology, has successfully raised $3.7 million in seed funding. Trust Ventures led the funding round, with participation from Morrison Seger, Capital Factory, and notable figures like Tim and Demi-Leigh Tebow, John and Madison Isner, Thomas and Lauren Morstead, as well as entrepreneurs Sam and Sara Sodine Parr.

The inspiration for Harbor came from a personal experience of co-founder and CEO Kevin Lavelle. Dissatisfied with the leading baby camera on the market, which lost connection to his phone’s app, Lavelle joined forces with co-founder and CPO Charlie Hill to revolutionize overlooked aspects of infant monitoring.

Harbor’s groundbreaking baby monitor, set to launch in May 2024, boasts features such as local and remote streaming with or without internet, a high-quality 2k camera, top-notch data privacy, split-screen capabilities for monitoring multiple children, and Smart Audio for more thoughtful alerts. Additionally, Harbor will introduce a revolutionary Remote Night Nanny service, offering professional infant care expertise throughout the night at a fraction of the cost of traditional services. This is complemented by affordable telehealth services.

Investor Thomas Morstead states, “Lauren and I care deeply about raising a happy, healthy family, and we’re thrilled to back what the team at Harbor is doing. We’ve experienced so much raising our kids and know Harbor will make a huge difference for parents everywhere.”

Co-founder Kevin Lavelle expresses, “This investment helps us launch to the world. Our mission is to create happier parents and healthier families, one restful night at a time. We’re democratizing access to sleep expertise and improving family wellness.”

Harbor’s mission revolves around providing accessible and innovative sleep technology and telehealth services to foster happier parents and healthier families. By collaborating with Pediatric Sleep Experts as Remote Night Nannies, Harbor aims to offer its services for $20/night, significantly lower than the traditional $400-$700/night fees. Telehealth services will cover lactation and postpartum counseling, as well as sleep and wellness coaching.

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