Harbinger Health Secures $140 Million in Series B Funding to Advance Cancer Screening Platform


Harbinger Health, a pioneering biotechnology company focused on revolutionizing cancer screening and detection, announced the successful completion of a $140 million Series B funding round. The round was led by the company’s founder, Flagship Pioneering, and included participation from new global institutional investors such as Pictet, Partners Investment, Catalyst, M&G Investments’ purpose-led private assets strategy, and other investors.

The newly acquired funds will be utilized to support various key initiatives, including the completion of Harbinger’s groundbreaking Cancer ORigin Epigenetics-Harbinger Health (CORE-HH) clinical study involving 10,000 participants. This study aims to evaluate Harbinger’s innovative blood-based cancer screening platform. Additionally, the funding will be used to further develop the company’s two-tier testing model, expand its data science capabilities, bolster its commercial teams, and initiate additional clinical studies in high-risk populations.

Harbinger Health is actively developing a proprietary two-tier testing model with the mission of democratizing cancer screening on a global scale. The company’s product development strategy is designed to achieve several critical objectives: ensuring affordability, improving Positive Predictive Value (PPV) to reduce false positives, and enabling quantitative individual longitudinal monitoring to enhance clinical decision-making if cancer is detected. Harbinger’s platform, known as HarbingerHx, harnesses the power of machine learning, proprietary insights into the molecular biology of cancer’s origins, and extensive datasets to generate insights that maximize clinical informativeness.

The company anticipates launching its first product, a laboratory developed test (LDT) for early cancer detection, in 2025. This LDT, in conjunction with the HarbingerHx platform and the company’s proprietary DNA library archiving technology, will enable the rapid introduction of additional products over time, targeting specific disease types and population groups.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, CEO of Harbinger Health, expressed the company’s ambitious vision, stating, “At Harbinger, our goal is to lead the way to a future where cancer screening is routine, affordable, and accessible for everyone. We have a unique opportunity to make cancer screening tools work better and work for more people through our biological and technical solutions.”

Dr. Douglas Cole, co-founder and chairman of Harbinger Health and managing partner at Flagship Pioneering, emphasized the company’s integrated approach, stating, “Since its inception, Harbinger has built a platform that integrates our ability to understand the underlying biology of cancer with the ability to aggregate large datasets to fuel product development.”

This Series B funding round follows several significant milestones for Harbinger Health, including key executive appointments and data presentations showcasing the performance of the company’s platform. Harbinger has now raised a total of approximately $190 million in funding since its establishment in 2020.

Dr. Cole concluded, “This current financing will enable us to scale and advance a proprietary product model that optimizes for performance, accessibility, and cost and ultimately seeks to provide the right test for the right patient at the right time.”

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