Haiper Raises $13.8M Seed Funding


Haiper, a video-generative AI platform, has emerged from stealth mode with an impressive $13.8 million seed funding round led by Octopus Ventures. Founded in late 2021 in London by Dr. Yishu Miao and Dr. Ziyu Wang (CTO), both with PhDs in Machine Learning from Oxford University and former researchers at DeepMind, Haiper aims to democratize high-quality video content creation using its proprietary visual foundation model.

The funding, which brings Haiper’s total funding to $19.2 million ahead of its anticipated Series A round in 2024, will be used to develop and release a series of large trained models. These models will enable users, regardless of technical expertise, to easily generate high-quality video content.

Haiper’s visual foundation model is designed to intuitively understand and replicate the emotional and physical elements of reality, from minute visual details like light, motion, texture, to interactions between objects. By scaling models and the underlying data, Haiper aims to advance video-generative AI towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), where AI can comprehend and reflect human-like understanding of the world.

The company’s specialized team is training its perceptual foundation model with the goal of creating visually stunning and true-to-life video content. With distributed data processing and model training infrastructure, Haiper’s platform is designed to scale up efficiently.

As Haiper scales, its distributed infrastructure will enable its perceptual foundation model to extend beyond content creation, potentially finding applications in other industries such as robotics and transportation. Haiper’s advancements represent a significant step towards AI that can understand, interpret, and generate complex video content, with broad implications for various sectors.

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