Greater Sum Ventures Acquires Kologik


Greater Sum Ventures (GSV), a Knoxville, TN-based entrepreneurial family office and growth equity firm, has acquired Kologik, a Baton Rouge, LA-based provider of software solutions for law enforcement.

Key Highlights:

  • Deal Details:
  • Acquisition Amount: Not disclosed

About Kologik:

  • Leadership:
  • CEO: Paul San Soucie
  • Company Overview:
  • Specialization: Public safety technology solutions.
  • Focus: Connecting small and medium-sized law enforcement agencies with crucial information to ensure officer and community safety.
  • Product Offering: Cloud-based solutions for law enforcement to provide real-time data access.
  • Customer Support: Provides 24/7 customer support.

About Greater Sum Ventures (GSV):

  • Leadership:
  • CEO: Ross Croley
  • Company Overview:
  • Type: Entrepreneurial family office investing in middle market software and tech-enabled services companies.
  • Focus: Provides capital and operational support to midmarket technology firms globally.

Strategic Impact of the Acquisition:

  • Innovation Boost:
  • Investment in Cloud Solutions: The acquisition will enable Kologik to increase its investment in developing innovative cloud-based solutions, enhancing the capabilities of public safety agencies.
  • Enhanced Information Accessibility: Aimed at ensuring law enforcement agencies have instant access to critical information.
  • Expansion of GSV’s Portfolio:
  • Complementary Acquisitions: The acquisition of Kologik aligns with GSV’s recent investments in Utility Associates, Inc. (Utility), SOMA Global, and STRAX Intelligence Group.
  • Integrated Technology Solutions: This series of acquisitions builds a robust platform of integrated technology solutions tailored for public safety and government agencies.
  • Operational Synergies:
  • Capital and Operational Support: Kologik will benefit from GSV’s operational expertise and access to capital, fostering further growth and development.

Benefits for Public Safety Agencies:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: The integration with GSV’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to enhance public safety operations.
  • Improved Efficiency: The investment in cloud-based solutions aims to streamline law enforcement processes, providing quicker access to vital information.
  • Customer Support: Continued emphasis on providing fast and reliable 24/7 customer support ensures ongoing assistance for public safety agencies.

This acquisition reflects GSV’s commitment to advancing technology in the public safety sector by fostering innovation and providing essential support to law enforcement agencies.

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