Grazzy raises $4.25M to fuel the future of digital tips in the hospitality industry



Grazzy, a next-gen employee payments platform, announces $4.25M in Seed funding from Next Coast Ventures and Tuesday Capital will be used to accelerate the growth of Grazzy’s digital tipping, same-day pay, and improved more inclusive banking capabilities. Grazzy is a next-generation employee payments platform. With the end of the Seed round, Grazzy has received $6.8MM in total Seed funding.

By raising pay, enabling fast access to same-day earnings, and providing more inclusive financial health for hourly workers, Grazzy aids hotels, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, and other businesses in improving employee retention and recruiting. Grazzy develops happier employees who remain in their roles longer and deliver better guest experiences by putting employee satisfaction at the center of the experience.

This most recent cash infusion will be put to use to speed up expansion across major hotel brands and operating groups, restaurant chains, and salons searching for cutting-edge methods to enhance the employee experience while cutting costs. Additionally, this money will help maintain the smooth connections between the Grazzy platform and the main systems used by the majority of hospitality and service organizations.

Today, a number of the biggest and most well-liked hotel brands in the world use the Grazzy platform to give their team members access to digital tips, same-day payments, and real-time compliments. These customers can enable digital tipping using Grazzy at no cost and with the lowest fees available.

Grazzy helps hourly employees make more money, access it the same day, and save and spend in better ways. By improving financial wellness for front line workers, Grazzy reduces retention and recruiting costs for hotels, bars, restaurants, and salons. Our extensible payments platform enables digital tipping, instant tip-outs, and inclusive banking solutions that are built to scale with hospitality and services businesses of any size.

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