Gradient Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize LLM Application Developme


Gradient, an API platform for AI developers, has announced a successful $10 million seed funding round led by Wing VC, with participation from Mango Capital and Tokyo Black.

The funding will be used to develop Gradient’s enterprise-focused development platform and advance its mission of democratizing access to AI.

Gradient stands out as the first company that allows businesses to leverage their private data to build large-scale custom AI models through their developer platform. The platform, powered by state-of-the-art Language Learning Models (LLMs) like Llama2, enables developers to create and combine thousands of tuned LLMs with minimal cost and complexity.

Gradient also offers proprietary healthcare, finance, and law LLMs that customers can further fine-tune to solve domain-specific problems. The platform’s usage is purely on-demand, with users paying only for the tokens consumed.

Christopher Chang, co-founder and CEO of Gradient, stated, “We provide our customers with the easiest, truly on-demand developer API for LLMs, enabling any company to quickly proliferate its AI augmented workforce and maintain a competitive advantage.”

Gradient’s developer platform has been utilized by application developers, product teams, and ML engineers across various industries such as healthcare, financial services, marketing, media, and entertainment to develop and deploy generative AI applications addressing diverse business needs.

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