Gomboc.ai Emerges from Stealth with $5M Seed Funding to Revolutionize Cloud Infrastructure Remediation


In a groundbreaking move that is set to reshape the landscape of cloud security, Gomboc.ai has emerged from stealth mode, announcing a successful seed funding round that has raised over $5 million. Led by Glilot Capital and Hetz Ventures, this injection of capital will propel Gomboc.ai’s mission to transform cloud infrastructure remediation through its deterministic AI engine.

Gomboc.ai’s innovative platform comes as a breath of fresh air in the world of cloud security. With a focus on providing precise and secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Gomboc.ai’s AI engine is trained to perfection, boasting an intricate understanding of major cloud service providers. This places the power of continuous cloud security policy enforcement and immediate deployment of remediations firmly in the hands of security and DevOps teams.

“We are delivering on the promise of true remediation,” stated Ian Amit, Co-Founder and CEO of Gomboc.ai. In a world where traditional security platforms often provide guidance on what to fix, Gomboc.ai stands out by not only identifying issues but also presenting context-aware remediations in real-time for DevOps teams to approve.

Kobi Samboursky, Founder and Managing Partner at Glilot Capital Partners, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Gomboc.ai’s approach to both cloud security and AI is refreshing and logical. They have engineered an extremely defensible strategy to fix a painful issue plaguing cloud security. We believe it will quickly become essential to every CISO’s portfolio.”

The formidable team behind Gomboc.ai lends further credence to its potential. Ian Amit and Jonathan Desrocher, Co-Founders and industry veterans, bring a wealth of experience from senior positions at Amazon, Cimpress, AWS, Bridgewater Associates, and Rapid7. Their combined expertise in AI and security has culminated in the creation of a solution that bridges the gap between security and DevOps, providing a harmonious approach to cloud security.

Pavel Livshiz, General Partner at Hetz Ventures, sums up Gomboc.ai’s impact succinctly, describing it as a “time machine for security and DevOps.” With its nightly updates based on cloud service provider documentation, Gomboc.ai offers a game-changing solution that closes the knowledge gap and delivers unparalleled accuracy in cloud security.

The launch of Gomboc.ai marks a significant step towards a future where cloud security is not only robust but seamless, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of the cloud with confidence and precision.

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